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Ferncreek General Surgery, PA

About Ferncreek General Surgery

At Ferncreek General Surgery we understand that if you have a problem that may need surgical treatment you want to receive quality and state of the art care from surgeons who treat you with respect and compassion. We are proud of our extensively trained and board certified surgeons who perform a wide variety of surgery, including minimally invasive procedures for acute and chronic conditions.   At Ferncreek General Surgery we treat our patients as individuals, and go to great lengths to help them understand their condition and the proposed treatment plan. Our relaxing office environment, together with the friendly and courteous approach of our staff, is designed to reduce the stress of a visit to a surgeon as much as possible.

Our surgeons perform surgery at both Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, and Highsmith Rainey Hospital. Patients requiring a hospital stay are generally admitted to Cape Fear Valley. Some minor procedures are performed in the office. One of our physicians is always available for urgent problems that may occur with our patients, and after hours can be reached by calling the regular office number (910 485-3880); the answering service will then contact the surgeon who is on call. We do not cross cover with any other surgical practice.

If you have a serious emergency please call 911, or go straight to the Emergency Department at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The Emergency Department physician will contact us as appropriate.

As General Surgeons we deal with patients with a wide variety of conditions, and perform many different types of surgery, including -
  • Breast problems, particularly masses, abnormal mammograms, or other concerns relating to the possibility of breast cancer. We understand that a breast abnormality can be a cause for great anxiety: we can see a patient within 2 days of referral
  • Breast ultrasound and needle biopsies in the office
  • Breast conserving surgery and sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer
  • Thyroid procedures, including thyroid ultrasound, biopsies and surgical removal
  • Parathyroid surgery
  • Skin and soft tissue lesions and masses
  • Abscesses
  • Lymph node removal and needle biopsies
  • Hernias
  • Abdominal surgery, including gastrointestinal / colorectal procedures, appendectomy, gallbladder and spleen removal, and certain types of pancreatic surgery
  • Ano-rectal problems such as rectal polyps, fissures and hemorrhoids
  • Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery for rectal polyps and early cancer
  • Ano-rectal ultrasound
  • Colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Critical / intensive care, and associated procedures such as central lines, tracheostomy, feeding tubes, chest tubes and venous filters
  • Trauma management
  • Hemodialysis access
  • Laparoscopic peritoneal dialysis catheter placement
  • Select pediatric conditions and surgical procedures
Our surgeons also have individual special interests and expertise – please go to the “Meet the Physicians” page for more information.

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Ferncreek General Surgery, PA